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We Buy Houses

As a homeowner, everyone has a to-do list, from the really-want (remodeled kitchen) to the must-have (additional bedroom) and even the need-now (new roof). And when your house is an old one that hasn’t been maintained or remodeled — that list grows quickly.

Maybe your parents have passed or are moving into assisted living situations. In most cases, they are looking to sell the home but want to invest in upgrades with a remodel to receive a higher sale value.

Sometimes, there are situations where extensive repairs are needed. That can be overwhelming financially and emotionally. Extensive repairs can also be time consuming. Whatever your situation, many homeowners find themselves pondering the big question: Should I move or improve?

Since 2000, BRYJO has been designing, remodeling and roofing homes throughout the area. But sometimes, unique situations occur, or extensive repairs are needed that can be overwhelming financially and emotionally. In these situations, it is sometimes best to sell your house fast, and, we do that too. Since 2007, we have been buying houses through our investment company, Lumar Ventures, Inc.

Sometimes renovating and selling is a good option, depending on the extent of the necessary repairs. BRYJO has even purchased distressed properties and renovated them to match the market, which increases property values in a neighborhood. Our mission is to invest in people and our community. With Lumar, you don’t have to worry about the quality or investment of the repairs because we renovate the home as a property investment just as we would for our clients.

The next time you, a friend or family member is considering whether to move or improve a home, remember our buying services, and contact us to discuss your options. Through Lumar, you can sell your house fast!

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