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Having Problems Scheduling a General Contractor in Plano, TX?

The remodeling industry has steadily seen an upswing in Dallas-Fort Worth for the past 5 years. The metroplex has been one of the top markets for growth and continues to attract new residents in record numbers. As new residents struggle to find their perfect home, they are purchasing with substantial remodeling projects in mind. Mix this with a pandemic and a Winter Storm that caused unprecedented damage and you have “Contractorgeddon” on your hands. Let’s take a closer look at what is really happening.
Prior to the pandemic, General Contractors were already running full schedules in Dallas/Fort Worth with remodeling projects. The pandemic hit and instead of slower business, their workload increased. People were now working from home and needed more space. Contractors have seen an increase in kitchen remodels, room additions for offices, master suites that afford privacy, and “mother-in-law” suites for those individuals who are moving parents into their homes. As of now, Qualified Contractors are at least 2 -3 months out before being able to begin a new project. Some are even longer!
As if the wait isn’t enough, now throw in the effects of the pandemic. Contractors are seeing shipment delays in windows, doors and plumbing fixtures. This only adds more delays to projects not to mention material cost increases. For example, lumber yards have entered into supply & demand because they were unable to run their lumber mills at full capacity due to Covid-19. Contractors are seeing increase lumber costs as much as 300%. And yes, this does get passed along to the consumer. The so called trickle-down effect is real. We will all be affected by this pandemic in more ways than we even know.

The best advice is to work with your contractor. Don’t hesitate to get on their schedule! Call them for remodeling inspections, to give you estimates, do designs, etc. Just pack your patience and wait the extra few months for the work to begin. It will be worth it in the end! As a reminder, Texas does NOT require contractors to be licensed. Do your due diligence before hiring – ask for referrals, check proof of liability insurance, and make sure they are part of industry associations such as NARI, NKBA, and BBB to name a few. Most importantly, you should never be asked to pay before the project begins!

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