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House Additions

House additions are often the result of increased space needs. As families grow their needs change and often the home that met those needs for years no longer does. One popular home change is to build up on a single-story residence creating a new two-story home. Another popular option is to add onto the existing level creating new bedrooms, maybe a sun room off the back of your house, a new family room, master bedroom suite, or as simple as a new garage.

BRYJO can help you evaluate the best way to add on to create your new space. There are cost differences between going up or out. Setbacks for your home may be restrictive in your neighborhood and dictate the best way of approaching your home addition. Many factors play a role in decisions about house additions and BRYJO can help you evaluate, navigate and guide you in this decision process.

Each of these types of home improvements can help increase the value of your home and make it more enjoyable for you and your family. If you’re in the process of considering whether an investment in a home addition or reconfiguration of your home might be right for you, please contact us. We can help you distill your planning and evaluation process and, if the time is right, design and build a custom answer that’s perfect for your goals

Take the worry and guesswork out of your house additions project and contact us today!

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