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Home Exterior Remodeling

Outdoor living areas

Do you dream of having an outdoor living area that replicates all those fun exotic-looking ones you see on TV? We can turn that dream into a reality. BRYJO is dedicated to the design and exterior remodeling of decks, patios, porches, all-season and outdoor areas that make a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your home yet blend seamlessly with your home or surroundings. We transform your home through exterior remodeling that turns it into the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Whether you want to use your patio for entertaining or relaxing, our designers will customize it to your preferences. Because there are countless options from the types of materials used, to additional structures and features, consider some add-ons for your patio to help you enjoy it all year long. Fire pits are perfect for toasting marshmallows on chilly nights, while an outdoor kitchen can make cooking and entertaining guests fun and convenient. Our designers will work with you to capture your exterior remodeling vision and determine the best design plan for your dream patio.

The perfect deck or porch

Is it a deck or porch you’re looking to add-on? A well-designed deck or porch makes a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your home. And, while it may look like a simple pressurized wooden structure of posts and beams, the average residential deck must endure a lot of wear and tear so exterior remodeling and design is critical.

What’s the Difference in a deck and patio? Well, decks are designed to be an exterior structure that is attached to your home, much larger than a porch area. Some may be elevated depending on the space allowed and they are typically uncovered areas.

Decks are a great addition to a home as you can expand your outdoor living area with outdoor seating, BBQ pits, fire pits and much more. Finding the right style that fits your desire for your deck or porch is our goal. We are passionate about creating the perfect addition or remodel customized to you.

Adding a covered porch or patio cover in your yard is also a great way to extend your outdoor living area….and it protects from the sun and rain. From custom-designed patio covers to exquisite outdoor living areas, BRYJO will design a unique living space and build it with superior craftsmanship and the highest quality materials.  

Because we understand that design is a quintessential step for superior home remodeling, our experienced team of exterior remodeling specialists will discuss your budget, and choose the best materials that suit your needs. Once a design is established, our experts will demonstrate the design plans before our home builders and craftsmen begin your home improvement project. BRYJO’s goal is to provide our clients with service that goes above and beyond their expectations, so that they are completely satisfied.

Let the exterior of your home create an inviting feel for everyone to admire.

Contact us today to learn more about exterior remodeling services!

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