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Is Your Home “Curb Appealing?”

8 Quick Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Plano, TX

Want to add more “bang for your buck” when considering your next home remodeling project in Plano, TX? Curb Appeal. That’s right. It’s a topic so hot that popular television shows are dedicated to it. It is the first impression a prospective, interested buyer has of your home when conducting a realtor drive-by or the first thing your friends and family see when coming to visit you. When someone is looking for a home in Plano, TX, the outside dictates whether or not they even want to take a look at the inside. Or, an exterior home remodeling project could be just for your own sake – you will become the talk of the neighborhood.
The goal to any exterior remodeling project is to transform your home from its dull, out-of-date look to a bold, fresh new look. An aged façade, entry door, garage door can look tired due to lack of maintenance, or, more importantly, a worn-out style. Style appreciation changes regularly. What was accepted in the 60’s and 70’s is not today. One of the simplest and least expensive changes for improving curb appeal is paint. Altering colors and schemes can have a dramatic effect on appeal.
Some exterior home remodeling projects trending in Plano, TX today feature redefining banal entryways with gables, columns, dorms, garage doors and entry doors. You may even want to explore window and door replacements that can enhance a home’s look while improving energy efficiency at the same time.
Even changing out a garage door can make a huge difference to that overall appearance to the home. You can take a normal steel garage door and turn it into a custom dream by adding a wood façade to give it the custom finished product. For homes with a garage entry on the front, this is a sure way to upgrade the exterior of your home.
Top 8 ways to improve your home’s curb appeal are:

1. Lighting – Soft exterior lighting makes your home appear more inviting and enhances your landscaping. Solar Lighting is a perfect way for lighting sidewalks and paths
2. Borders or Edging – Edging materials such as pavers, bricks and stones bring your concrete areas to life.
3. Flowers and Landscaping – Flowers and landscaping are the easiest way to add impact to your home. Flowers in front of the house, pouring out of hanging baskets or inside flower boxes provide a huge visual impact. Cut back trees and bushes.
4. Pay Attention to your lawn – Cover up dead spots, add soil and plant grass.
5. Install New Garage Door(s) – There are several styles of garage doors and they can enhance your home’s style.
6. Upgrade Hardware – Change outdated lock and handle on your front door, install new porch fixtures and install decorative house numbers.
7. Replace the Mailbox
8. Paint the Front Door/Exterior – A fresh coat of paint can transform your home. You can even consider changing your front door with one that adds personality. There is a huge selection of doors which will add style to your home.

These improvements listed here won’t break the bank and can be completed fairly quickly. From simple upgrades such as changing hardware to meticulous to adding flowers, there are several ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. The will make such a dramatic difference that you’ll beam every time you pull into your driveway.

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