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Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

A Well-Designed Bathroom Makes a Big Difference in your Plano, TX Home

Making a few well-designed changes when remodeling your bathroom not only increases the enjoyment in your home’s features, but also increases the value of your Plano, TX home. A modern, user-friendly bathroom is a big selling point for most homes, one that is often overlooked in the home-staging process. More than just a place to perform grooming necessities, the bath has become a peaceful sanctuary away from the stressful interactions of daily living. You want to feel like you are walking into a relaxing environment that delivers the sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. Everyone else is looking for the same experience.

Therefore, a well-designed bathroom remodel can enhance your own mood, while increasing your home’s value should you decide to sell. Who doesn’t want a well-designed home that offers every convenience needed to make your life simpler and more pleasurable? Actually, most people do, even if they don’t realize it. Plus, you deserve this bit of indulgent luxury that you can easily achieve with a few changes to your bathroom. And, with a few extra dollars put into your bathroom remodeling project, you can easily turn your space into the home’s conversation starter and focal point.

Here are the Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling trends:

1. Large, multi-purpose showers: Depending on the homeowner’s age group you will find the older age group is skipping the bath tub and creating a shower oasis that will accommodate their aging needs with features such as zero thresholds, bench seating, multiple shower heads with hand showers and sliding bars.
2. Freestanding Bathtubs: For those selecting bathtubs in their bathroom remodeling project, free standing tubs continue to top the list. Gone are the undermount/drop in tubs that fill half of the bathroom space. Keep in mind that bathtubs are important for resale…you need to have at least one or two bathtubs in other bathrooms throughout the house.
3. Frameless or All Glass Shower Enclosure: Most homeowners are choosing all glass or frameless shower enclosures.
4. Lighting: Homeowners are adding natural light into the bathroom by adding a window or skylight. They are also adding more LED lighting.
5. Upgrading Fixtures: Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome are the frontrunners for faucet finishers.

While these are the Top 5 remodeling trends for bathrooms, homeowners are including other fun features like heated towel rails, heated floors and hidden vanity cabinets in the mirror. Our current remodels have crisp, clean lines and neutral, soothing colors such as gray, greens, blue. Well-Designed bathroom remodels can change the entire room from one that seemed ordinary to one that resonates with an energizing crispness that becomes a sanctuary for relaxation.

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