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Popular Home Remodeling Trends For Dallas-Forth Worth in 2014

The “Total” Outdoor Living Area is the most popular home remodeling trends in the DFW market.

Current Dallas-Fort Worth trends reflect a desire for a complete, integrated outdoor living space – a master designed area.  Homeowners are gravitating to complete environments that can be experienced year round – swimming in the summer, entertainment space and game watching in the fall, cozy fire surrounds and spas for winter, etc.  The advent of complete outdoor living space planning has changed the conventional use of the home.

Customers express that they now spend as much time outdoors, and have expanded into the total use of their property.  This concept, again, lends itself to the outdoor area as an extension of your home.  The view and transition from the home’s interior to its exterior should be seamless and aesthetically pleasing, with focal elements carefully positioned and accented with the creative use of lighting.  Site lines are important in the design; yet the orientation of elements is also carefully considered to support the functional use of the space.  For instance, a multi-tiered deck or patio may be the answer.  A space designed for frequent entertaining should support interaction among guests.  Such a design trend might include levels and transitions but avoid blockage.  Similarly, a kitchen area design should allow the host to prepare food and cook while facing guests, not with their back to the guests.  Keep in mind, however, everyday use may be very different than entertaining use, so all aspects of the different uses need to be considered during the design phase of remodeling.

Additional outdoor home remodeling trends can include elaborate outdoor areas featuring covered patios or pavilions, which include high-definition television with stereo surround sound, fiber optic or solar-powered lighting, fire pits/fireplaces, grills, air controlled ceiling fans, full kitchens with outdoor plumbing to complement full baths, hot tubs and home spas.  Others may prefer to go the “au natural” route, with serene waterscapes such as waterfalls, tide pools and grottos to more elaborate gardens and landscapes.  The complete, integrated package, then, lends itself to more entertaining.

In any event, current remodeling trends in this market still see homeowners with the urge to extend the home outward, but perhaps on a smaller scale.  We are seeing smaller scale projects than in the past but people still want to have the basics – a good sound system, multiple lighting options for different types of events, at least one, if not two, types of outdoor grills or smokers, practical landscaping that doesn’t require too much upkeep and some type of low-maintenance flooring, either stone or concrete.

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