Aging in Place Remodeling – ADA Services

Are you prepared for life’s unexpected? A parent moving in? A family member recovering from surgery? Or are you planning to live in your home for as long as possible?
One of the primary concerns in these situations: Is your home prepared?

Here are just a few of today’s Aging in Place remodeling solutions to consider:

  • Enlarge doorways, walkways and thresholds to be easily accessible by wheelchairs
  • Modify floors so they are all on one level
  • Remove steps and replace them with ramps
  • Reinforce bathroom walls to accommodate handrails around toilet and shower
  • Raise toilets for easier transfers
  • Modify showers for easier access, and add safe seating and non-slip floors
  • Make all living areas easily accessible, allowing safe wheelchair/walker access, including under sink/vanity areas